Friday, April 20, 2018

Why is spring taking its time?

Why is spring taking its time?
We have had two tons of rain...and lots of people are still getting snow...yikes!
I want some sunny skies and temperatures going upward.
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I thought a great sale in my etsy shop might be fun!
How about 40% off everything!!!
It starts now and runs until Tuesday April 24th.
So it is a quickie sale.
I have lots of patterns featuring wool know those tiny pieces you don't want to throw away.  Scraps are perfect for these pins....and I have a pattern for every holiday and year round designs too. 
There are quilt designs like this...she lingers in the garden.
This pattern is $4.19
Dolls like this cute raggedy. Her face is some simple painting.

I love using mice in embroidery....
I try to put them in all the holidays!

My fairy....she has glitter wings.
Hexies....small embroidery designs that are quick and cute...perfect with my daughter's hexie blanks.

Patriotic designs like this uncle sam kitty pattern are on sale.
and this big eyed liberty girl.
I have TONS of Halloween...
my favorite to design for.

Ornaments....these thanksgiving ones are is hard to find thanksgiving projects.

Four designs fit in a cute window frame, but could be made into a quilt wallhanging. ($4.79!)

This is the large mannequin dressforms....great for displays and holding your jewelry.
Each one takes a fat quarter.

These three silly monsters are always a hit.
Kids love them.

Prim valentines...I love making holiday decor that looks like grandma or great grandma received them long ago.

I have matching 3 pieces mini quilts for easter, halloween, christmas and valentines.

Pincushions are a passion of you collect them?
The merry mermaid....swimming in the sea!
Valentine ornaments are pictured here....I have sets for all year long.

Like these christmas ornaments.
Come check it out....there are so many choices that I can't list here....there are signs, flashcards and OOAK items too.
Selina is wearing a halloween corsage here...very big and fun for a party!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
These are her latest camera's....with lots of designs included and an alphabet too.
***Her sale starts Friday 4/20 and ends 4/24.
She makes ornaments...they come in a pack and you can watercolor them or leave them plain.
Embroidery designs come with all her packs.

These are her teeny mini sweet.

She has wide ovals and tall ovals.
I believe this exact pendant is available to purchase.

She learned wood cutting in high school, by a great teacher....she had ideas and was so excited to try them out.  Later her grandpa bought her a machine and she has been selling like crazy ever since.  

This is her new retro TV design... it comes with the embroidery designs shown above.

There are hexie ring blanks and earrings too.

Punch needle paddle boards...which I had some much fun with...I get addicting to it.
and here she is wearing the bird designs in the mini hoop. 

This is our banner for International Quilt market....I designed it after everyone went to
I can't wait for it to arrive.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 12, 2018


I love these Cameras.....designed and cut by my daughter Selina!
I had alot of fun stitching up the designs.
Here they are without color.
You can keep them like this or paint them.
In the center of each camera is an area to add little embroideries or pretty fabric.

This one will be fun to wear on the 4th of July!
This is the package cover of the camera's....they come in a 2 pack.
Here I am painting them with is just literally blobbing of color and letting it dry.
You could really use the center for some extraordinary fabric...but even this geometric looks cute.
I love how the wood grain can be seen with the watercolor paint.
Wood Cameras measures:
Camera: 2 1/2" wide by 1 9/16" tall.
Inside circle area: 15/16” wide x 15/`16” tall.
You can personalize them....with initials....this is mine!
Included in the pack are:
4 embroidery designs (American flag, flowers, hearts, big flower) & an alphabet (that fits perfectly in the center)for monograms. Plus a sheet with helpful hints and instructions. Also included is a blank area to draw your own designs.
I love working with my is a dream come true...and we have the best time!
We will be at Quilt Market in Portland....May 17-29....booth #1227!
Welcome some Americana in to your home!
Sweet kitties....being patriotic!
This is:  Patriotic spirit- 8 embroidery designs, ornaments & bowl fillers pattern, #383
It is only $4.99....this week Friday it will be back to $8.49
All summer long ...from memorial day, flag day to independence day...and later veteran's day too.... Stitch up some super quick & unique ornaments or bowl fillers ... 8 designs in one. There are flags, cats, bunnies, banners, flowers and more!
I love their faces!!!

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Friday, April 6, 2018

Retro TV time... tiny embroidery

Time for a little TV.
Isn't this so cute?!
My daughter made this adorable TV pin/brooch blank....I designed the embroidery inside and stitched it up!
I drew up this little design...just to play with it.
This is how the TV looks before using it.
The center slips out. 
I cut a piece of cotton batting using the inner shapes as a guide.
Place some glue on it.
and put the batting on it. 
This will make a soft center for my embroidery to be placed on. 
I stitched it up while watching
2 strands of floss and one strand for the windows.
I stitched it during "Survivor" and washed the blue marker off.
Then let dry.
I placed the embroidery over the center piece with batting on it.
then pushed the TV over it and glued it in place. 
I glued a scrap of black felt and a pinback.
It is so sweet and any small design makes and interesting piece.
Even just pretty fabric is this Henry Glass cat fabric.
My new business cards came in and I love print.
This one is showcasing my daughter Selina's hexies and my embroidery designs.
This one is for my fabric design.
I love pansies and had to make a collection for that. 

This is my "April" one of the coloring pages calendar that I sits right by my computer in my office.
This week I have the 12 month printables on sale in my other etsy shop called ShirleyHudsonDesigns.
It is only $3.99.
You get all these designs to either color or you could use them for embroidery designs.
They are fun to color and use...they can be clipped to a clip board or hung up.
I may have to stitch up the America basket soon.

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